Wednesday, September 21, 2011


well, i have come to the conclusion that my halloween decorating this year will do one of two things- give me nightmares all month, or cure me of my inexplicable fear of spiders. eek!

Friday, August 12, 2011

BFF's.... whether she likes it or not!

That's what Maren said one day while holding Kjersti, so before she married Spencer i made them both matching pajamas...

In My Room....

trees painted on the wall by my bed

i found this huge canvas at the di and painted over it, copied a painting i saw in a bhg email...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kjersti's New Room!

knobs i painted for her dresser

my mom made the stuffed owls after we saw some from pottery barn... oh, and that blanket underneath is a doll blanket from when i was little, i found it while putting her room together and guess what?! it has owls on it!!

we ordered this owl fabric and made the sheet sorry its upside down, not sure why

got the rug at ross, the green part of the skirt i a borrowing from a friend, the lacy part is a sheet my mom had, cant remember if it came from my grandma?

made the owl posters from scratch and printed on canvas with heritage makers!!! the pink quilt and pillow on the back of the chair my aunt made...

my mom brought the shelf home from work and i re-painted it.... the lamp and owls are made from leftover fabric my aunt sent with quilt she had made for my mom, we got the chair on ksl, it matched the quilt we made.

got the curtain at the di

awesome owl hooks from walmart online

made th pom pom clouds from tissue paper, the owls are more of the leftover fabric, stars and moon out of felt

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Fun with the family last night carving pumpkins! A few months ago our neighbor had a garage sale and the one thing Tailan wanted more than anything was a carving kit with a bunch of patterns for different pictures. I must say this is probably the most awesome our pumpkins have ever been. Tailan needed quite a bit of help but Shayde did his mostly on his own.

Shayde did a bat.

Tailan's is the cat face.

Mine is some kind of little monster...

And Dave did a flaming scull.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Some News

Well, yes i have been chastised again about never posting anything new.... So i will try to catch you up.

Dave has been looking into possible career options and has applied to Northwestern Health Sciences University as a Chiropractic student. The school is in Minnesota. If he gets in and we can get our home sold we will most likely be moving for the January semester. It is completely terrifying and extremely exciting. We obviously have a lot changes comeing, bring it on....

We have been having a crazy summer with family parties and a couple short camping trips. unfortunately my camera is not working, so karyn has all the pictures, as soon as she is back from her trip i will work on getting some pictures up.

We had an awesome week full of fourth of july activities. We had a family BBQ with some amazing red white and blue food. We went to the Logan fireworks, the cruise-in parade, the Hyrum parade and saw the Hyrum fireworks! its been many alte nights and crazy schedules. Loads of fun though.

Shayde is waiting in anticipation for school to start, he is excited to be going to kindergarten in the fall. Tailan will be in preschool!!!

All the boys got their heads shaved the other day, still getting used to all the bald heads, and most days wishing i would have joined them.

We still have one remaining kitten form the stray having babies in our garage. He is a cute orange baby, getting to be a big baby. Still looking to find him a home...hint hint.... he loves to play with puff balls and his stuffed unicorn from mcdonalds. he sleeps a lot, is potty trained, and eats grown up cat food...any takers????

Summer, Karyn and I have decided to take our party-loving ideas to the next level. Our business in progress is called Add a Little Flaire. You can see more about it at We are super excited for our Phantom Masquerade Ball in October!

Well, there are the headlines....

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


well, i forgot when i changed my blog background to change my font color so no one could read it for a while. i fixed it!